Day 4: Why Avoid Chemical Cleaners and Products

Welcome to Day 4!  Todays Small Changes, BIG Impact Challenge is to find 1 chemical based cleaner that you can part with.  You get bonus points for parting with more than one cleaner or parting with a cleaner and replacing it with a healthy alternative.

Ellen Sandbeck, author of Green Housekeeping, reminds us, “If we clean just for appearances, rather than health, we may end up rubbing our burning eyes, scratching our rough, reddened skin, and suffering asthma attacks while wearing soft, fragrant, toxic clothing in gleaming homes that make us dizzy with the aerosolized essence of mountain meadows. Then we can look out the windows and watch the robins fainting on our perfect lawns.”  Don’t hate me.  It is the truth guys.  We are poisoning ourselves.  Maybe it is because of the big corporations feeding us all of their fancy marketing, or maybe it is what we grew up with, so we just do the same.  Guys, I am calling an audible and telling you to punt.  (Sorry fellow football fans if I totally screwed up that reference.  This girl tries.)  Kick those cleaners to the curb.  (Okay, don’t do that.  Take them to your newest Clean Sweep Location.  We ditched all of our paint thinner, old paints, and chemicals at our local dump Clean Sweep site for 10 bucks.)

WHY do I want to get rid of my chemical cleaners?  Well…

The American Association of Poison Control Centers reports that more than 120,000 children under the age of 5 are harmed in incidents involving household cleaners each year. That is a lot of potential harm done.  Bleach and drain cleaner are two common household poisons that are deadly.  NOT COOL!  My advice if you are storing household cleaners in your home is to keep them up high, take them down only when needed and put them back right away.  Also, talk to your children about the dangers.  Even my smallest children understand the concept of dangerous if they hear it enough.  My biggest advice though, just don’t have them around.  This is what I use to clean my home.  I am a safety gal and I like to play it safe, while kicking some cleaning butt of course.

Okay, so….well listen to this…

Antibacterial and chlorinated products also damage septic systems by killing bacteria on which the systems depend. When antibacterial and chlorinated products are no longer used in the home, the systems are able to return to normal.  I think it is likely safe to say that we would all love to spend our hard earned dollars on more luxurious or fun items than a brand spanking new septic system.

There are many reasons that I do not want chemical based cleaners in my home, but the number 1 reason is always my children.  They are small and fragile and need the healthiest of enviroments to grow up in and thrive.  I don’t want them to just be “fine;” my children should THRIVE!

Day 4….How are you doing?  Kicking butt?  I thought so!



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