Day 9: Drink Something New! Nettles anyone?

All Ready To Make Some Nettle Tea

Day 9 is so much fun for me!!!  I love to share some of the things I do here in our home that keep us feeling energized.  So the challenge for Day 9 is to drink something new.  Let’s say that the new microbrew would not fall into the Small Changes, BIG Impact Challenge, unless it is local and responsibly sourced.  (I am not a prude after all!)

Nettles are something that my family and I enjoy.  We buy dried nettles in bulk from our local Willy Street Co-op.  You may be able to buy them locally at a Farmer’s Market, or if you are adventurous, you can harvest some yourself.  Nettles have a grassy taste I guess is how you would describe it.  They are easy to drink and are refreshing.  (I am not really selling the am I?  Just trust me!)  I like to brew a jar full, frig it, strain it the next day, and enjoy.  I have gotten the most benefits from drinking nettles a few weeks in a row.  A few years back, I drank them every day and I had an AMAZING surge in energy!  I would wake at 4 or 4:30am and still be going strong at 10:30 or 11 pm.  (Why did I not keep up with this good habit?!?!?!!!!)

Nettles are great for strengthening your kidneys, clearing your adrenals, increasing energy, helping with allergies, and a bunch of other stuff.

Here is how I make ours:

  • Throw a fist full of dried nettles in the bottom of a quart jar.
  • Boil water
  • Place boiling water over dried nettles
20160406_114640 (1)
  • Cool to room temp
  • Frig overnight
  • Strain and drink in the morning

Are nettles for you?  I won’t give up my mochas, but I will continue to add the nettles back into my daily routine.  What are some other drinks you could try?  Tea?  Green or fruit smoothie?  Raw milk?  Coconut milk?  Coconut water?  Lemon and turmeric elixer?  Kombucha?  (You can make that at home.  I need to hit up my dear friend for another Scoby and start brewing again.)  There are so many options out there.  The challenge for today is to grab something new and healthful to drink.  What are you sipping on?

See you tomorrow for our 10th day of the Small Changes, BIG Impact Challenge!!!


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