Day 10: Grab Silicone

Okay, so that title makes me giggle.  I am really a teenager in an adult body.  The Small Changes, BIG Impact Challenge for Day 10 is to switch out your foil or plastic wrap (or both) with a silicone alternative.

Have you heard of The Great Garbage Patch?  Did you know that every piece of plastic wrap that was ever used is still here today?  It may not be lurking where you can see, but that stuff ends up in tiny pieces and a lot of it goes back into our waterways and makes it back into our bodies.  Fish dinner anyone?  (Can I have a side of plastic with that?  Wait, it comes with the plastic?  Great?  Eww!)

Garbage Galore

Did you know that the aluminum in foil can leach into your food when you heat it?  Although there isn’t conclusive evidence to say that it is harmful, I like to error on the side of safe (like this guy) and skip it most of the time.  There are lots of other places in our life that expose us to aluminum, so cooking with foil is just not an addition I personally need.

I prefer to cook in glass or stainless steel.  If I do need to cover something while cooking, I opt for a glass lid or a Silicone Lid.  Both the glass and silicone lids can be transferred to the refrigerator for food storage.

20160408_135025 (1).jpg



So, can you ditch your plastic wrap or foil?  If not, can you cut back on your usage?  I am here cheering you on!!!  Take care and I will see you back here tomorrow!



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