Day 12: Clean Your Indoor Air

I am known to kill plants.  I recently decided that I was going to change that though.  I have added a few air cleansing plants to our home in the last 4 months, and I really am enjoying them!  Our oldest daughter said, “Mom, it feels more like home with plants.”  Our 4 daughters also took it upon themselves to name the plants.  (Maybe they think I will remember to water them if the plants have names?)  Your challenge for Day 12 is to find a few plant options to add to your home.  Bonus points for going out and purchasing a few!

Why clean my indoor air?

Our homes are so tightly sealed up these days.  Think lots of insulation and other energy efficient building materials.  A lot of these building materials and even our furniture is made with pressed wood.  Pressed wood is full of chemicals like formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is no good to breathe in guys.  On top of that, you are very likely breathing in a host of other toxic chemicals…flame retardants, phthalates, and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) coming from your flooring, furniture, electronics, and most everything else your home is built with or contains.  Let’s clean up our indoor air!

What plants can help purify my indoor air?

Great question!  NASA has published a list of some top air purifying plants as part of its’ Clean Air Study.  Here is a site that has some great pictures of 10 air purifying plants.  You can figure out which ones you want to add to your décor.  Each plant will help purify a portion of square footage of your home.  If you have a large home, you will need a lot more plants than a small apartment would.  I am in the mindset that some is better than none, and so I don’t stress about not having enough.  I know that the plants I have are taking care of some of the indoor air pollution.  I will slowly add more plants as time goes on, and I will continue to be a stickler for what comes into my home.  (I am pretty fussy about furniture, electronics, shoes, etc.  I research a lot before buying.  It shouldn’t be this tough!)

Added benefits to having plants indoors

  • They beautify your space and make it feel more homey (as our oldest tells us)
  • Great responsibility builder for your children by assigning them a plant to water
  • If you are like me, they just make you happy
  • What other benefits can you think of?

See you tomorrow!!!


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