Day 14: Explore Green Shopping Options

Day 14 of the Small Changes, BIG Impact Challenge is super fun!  The challenge for today is to browse and think about some alternative places to shop.  Woot!!  When we shop, we are voting with our dollars and telling the retailers what we really want.  Let’s make sure they know that we love our Earth and want them to responsibly produce products we want and need.  Here is my short lists of go to companies I support.

  • Mighty Nest:  I have bought many awesome eco-friendly things from them.
  • Norwex of course!  Norwex carries everything from efficient microfiber cloths to enzyme-based cleaners, to an amazing skin care line.
  • Plan Toys:   I cannot rave enough about Plan Toys!  They have sustainably made toys with eco-friendly packaging.  Our girls love all of their Plan Toys!  The toys are open-ended and are often used for multiple games and activities.
  • Local Farmers Market:  Help support and get to know farmers in your area, while enjoying local ingredients.
  • Local Co-op:  Often co-ops will honor another area co-op membership.  Our Co-op has a knowledgeable and friendly staff.  Our Co-op also hosts an annual picnic that we never miss.
  • Consignment Shop  This gem is local.  If you are in the Madison, WI area, you are cray cray not to check this place out!  Friendly and helpful staff!  Eco-friendly consignment and on-trend stuff for you to reuse.

Where can you make an impact with your dollars?




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