Day 17: Alternatives to Traditional (aka chemically laden) Feminine Products

Day 17….awkward….  Is she really going to talk to me about my monthly cycle?  Well, yes, yes I am.  I never really gave a lot of thought to my feminine products until I started shedding conventional foods from our diet.  I just naturally started researching body care products and was surprised to find that most of the traditional products I had been using are chock full of nasty chemicals that I don’t want near my body let alone near my yoohoo.  Don’t worry, I have you covered!  The Small Changes, BIG Impact Challenge for today is to browse and, or research alternatives to the feminine products you or a loved one is using.

I was planning to go on about a bunch of reasons why you should consider replacing your feminine products and offer you some alternatives, but then I stumbled on this post.  I would add that some friends of mine recently starting raving about Thinx underpants for your monthly cycle.  I have yet to give them a try, but my friends are loving them.  Here is one example of what a powerful impact you can make, not only for yourself, but for others too.


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