Day 21: Buy in Bulk

Welcome to Day 21 of the Small Changes, BIG Impact Challenge!!  I am so glad you are here today!  Day 21 has you buying in bulk.  That may mean going to Costco or it may mean scooping out of big bulk bins.  Not only will you mostly likely save money, but you will reduce packaging.  If you are shopping the bulk bins, bring your own container.  You will likely get a discount for doing so, and you will avoid more recycling.

My favorite bulk items are:

  • Organic Spices!!  Holy cats, are these super economical to stock up on.  I use my empty spice jars to fill them up.  You can get exactly what you need, so none goes to waste.
  • Organic nuts!  Yum-o and again, I can get just what I need.  A lot of times, the girls and I will grab a few different foods out of the bulk bins and make a hodge podge lunch or a special treat.  (We don’t need a whole bag of sugary gummy worms, but we can have a few each and really enjoy them.)
  • Baking supplies!  I found a huge bag of sugar at Costco that should last us 6 months or more.  I buy our organic cocoa powder from the bulk bins and store it in canning jars at home.
  • Espresso Beans!  Need I say more!?!?!
  • Rice!  Costco, you are growing on me.  The huge bag of rice will probably last us at least a year if not a year and a half, but it is a big savings for us.
  • String Cheese!  Okay, so I don’t save much packaging, but it saves lots of cha ching by buying in bulk.

What do you like to buy in bulk?


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