Day 23: Paint Smarter!


Do you like to paint?  I do, I guess.  I go in streaks and I paint and paint and paint until I end up at the chiropractor because I have worn my hands out.  I do enjoy the brush strokes, the endless Pandora listening, the unavailability to anyone else,  and the finished product.  I really like the Mythic Brand of paint.  (If you are Madison, WI local, go to Premier Paint and Wallpaper to grab some.  They are always very helpful, knowledgeable, and super cool with my girls grabbing all of their sample swatches.)  It is safe, non-toxic, waterbased, easy clean-up, and no VOCs!  Even so, I do notice that I still smell a little bit of the paint smell for a few days and my throat feels a little scratchy after painting for days on end.  I like to diffuse Purification Essential Oil while painting and then, I will leave it diffusing for a few days following painting.  That seems to take care of any residual paint smell.  So, I am using the safest paint I can find (other than Milk Paint), and I am still having some respiratory stuff going on.  Can you imagine how my body would rebel with normal paint?  I want to encourage you to find the safest version of paint available to you and use it for your next project.  Do you notice a difference in how you feel or how long the paint smell lasts?  For the Day 23 Small Changes, BIG Impact Challenge, I am simply challenging you to either research your current favorite paint brand a little, or decide to research a more eco-friendly version of what you typically use.

Do you think I have a painting problem?  Hahahahahahahaha!  Laundry Room is next up!


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