Day 25: Grounding! No, not your kids!!

Have you heard of grounding or earthing?  All it means is that you take off your shoes and socks and run or walk around in the grass or mud or natural surface.  I must admit that over the years I have heard many friends talk about Grounding (Earthing…same thing), but I have never actually looked at the research behind it.  It is something we can all easily do to improve our health and it is fun!  Your Small Changes, BIG Impact Challenge for Day 25 is to take off those shoes and go Grounding (or Earthing)!


Here is a short list of some of the benefits thought to come from Earthing:

earthing benefits

Do you practice Earthing (Grounding) right now?  I know I practiced a ton of Earthing as a child.  It felt so natural to kick off my shoes.  My girls love to be barefoot in our grass too.  (Another reason to have a chemical free lawn.)

Day 26 has you doing less of something.  Can you guess what it is?  See you tomorrow.



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