Day 30: Small Changes, BIG Impact Challenge Wrap-up

Wow, we did it!  Today we are wrapping up the 1st Small Changes, BIG Impact Challenge!!  How did you do?

wrap up image

I am thankful you came on this journey with me!  I had a lot of fun sharing what I know and researching some new topics.  I plan to update this challenge as I learn and I hope you will share with me what you have learned along the way.

The Small Changes, BIG Impact Challenge for today is to take stock of the changes you have made.  Is there a big take-away for you?  Did you  want more information on a certain topic?  Did you research a particular topic on your own?  What are some changes you are planning to make in the future?  Each little thing you do adds up and makes a BIG Impact!  Thanks for stepping up to this challenge!!

See you soon!


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