Day 8: How To Clean Your Car While Being Green

Welcome to Day 8 of the Small Changes, BIG Impact Challenge!!  Kermit says that it ain’t easy being green, but he obviously has not cleaned his ride with Norwex products!  Your challenge for Day 8 is to clean some part of your vehicle with a Norwex product.  I will give you some examples below.

Products you can use to green up your car cleaning:

  • Car Wash Mitt
    • Grab a bucket of hot water, dip your Car Wash Mitt into it, wring, and simply wipe the grime and dirt away.
    • No soap or chemically laden fancy car wash stuff needed!
  • Car Cloth
    • Shine, polish, and get those water spots gone fast
  • Rubber Brush
    • Wipe over your floor mats, carpet, and get the crumbs out of the carseats easily
  • Enviro Cloth
    • Wet, wring, and wipe away all of those spills and stains.  Keep one handy for wiping down carts while out and about, and for cleaning up the occasional unlucky vomit.
    • Great for windows, the dash, and wiping down the steering wheel.
  • Window Cloth
    • Use dry to wipe your windows, mirrors, and chrome to a streak free shine every time!
  • Dusting Mitt
    • Use dry to dust the dash and other dusty surfaces or use wet to dust super dusty areas
  • Air Freshener Sets
    • Place a few of these in your smelliest areas (think hockey gear or under the seats)

Do you have any other Norwex products you love for cleaning your ride?  I love that I can safely and effectively use these products with my children around.  No more airing things out or waiting for the window of opportunity.  I feel very confident in my super green cleaning buddies!!  What are you waiting for?  Go clean your ride!